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Manistee. MI

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Spring Brown Trout: 
We start the last weekend of March
chasing the spring time brown trout along the beaches.  It's not uncommon to have a mixed bag catch.   This fishing can be a bit chilly at times.  The boat cabin is usually  quite comfortable.  The smelt (a small forage fish) shows up in late April to mid May thus ending  our spring fishing.

Early Salmon & Steelhead: 
We start the early season for the  early salmon & stealhead by late May.  These fish are just off shore in the changing water  temps.    As this early season progresses the changing water  temps moves off shore.  At this time we jump into what is called deep water steelhead fishing.  Depths to 900' plus by mid July.  This is a very exciting fishing.

Summer Mix Bag:
Doing the Fish Dance We start mid July for big early kings, lake trout and young salmon.  This fishing is just off shore a couple of miles but, could be several miles up or down the Manistee coast.  Very kind, stable weather conditions prevail for this excellent fishing.

Late Summer & Fall:
We start our exclusive search for the king the first of August.  These fish are 20-30 pounds of thrill.  In late August our coho salmon sneak in to our already mix bag catch of trout & salmon.


Good Time had by all!

Full day fishing 8 hours or limit.

All day charters $675

Half day charter $550

This is based on 1-4 people.

The 5th & 6th person is an additional $50 each.

Kids Fish Free


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Captain Tom Rasmussen
5355 Carlson Rd
Manistee, MI 49660
Bus. (231) 723-4025
Cell (231) 690-5754